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Anywhere else is crowdfunding to improve the cancer treatment experience for patients

The best minds in cancer research and virtual reality are coming together to create an original product to help cancer patients - and you can be a part of it by backing it!

Dr Jacqueline Hall, a leading mind in cancer research, and Stefano Bianchi, a VR specialist, want to fund a personalised VR experience for patients to use while undergoing chemotherapy to reduce fear and stress. They have already started work on a basic version and tested it on patients. The response was very positive and has spurred them on to go further. However, funding is required to develop a comprehensive first version to test, and then following certification it will be able to be rolled out to patients for free.

The Kickstarter campaign starts on the 4th of March 2020.
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Meet Our Team

These are the project owners.
Stefano Bianchi photo

Since I started using VR I understood the emotional power of this technology. Now I want to use it to have a positive impact.

Stefano Bianchi
It Is The End LTD, CEO
Jacqueline Hall Photo
Positive Impact

Anything we can do to reduce the feelings of loneliness and distress for people going through this is good for our patients wellbeing

Dr. Jacqueline Hall
Vivactiv LTD, CEO
It Is The End LTD Photo
It Is The End LTD

tIsTheEnd is a creative digital agency based in Brighton, United Kingdom. We are composed of creative designers and experienced developers.

It Is The End LTD
Technical partner
Member Photo
Vivakti LTD

We imagine a future where individuals can engage actively with their health and better understand their bodies with the help of new technology and high-quality diagnostics.

Vivakti LTD
Scientific partner

Institution Collaboration Application Form

Many thanks for your interest in collaborating with us at Anywhere Else! We want to work with you to make a difference for patients.

To express interest in collaborating with us please complete this short form
For any further questions please use the contact form.

Why participate?
Be part of a worldwide project using the latest in VR technology for the benefit of patients. Participation will provide you and your institute with visibility and access to new technology. You will be acknowledged in any research results published as a result of this project and we encourage you get involved and write you own papers for publishing too! We also want to support your own objectives, where possible.

What will you get?
You/your institution and patients will benefit from:
  • Free access and use of 5 Oculus Quest Headsets with the app installed for a period of up to 9 months
  • Visibility in the project
  • First access to results of the project
  • Ability to publish
What do you need to do?
  • Complete this form and we will send you the complete application form to compile, sign and return.
  • During the project, provide us your feedback and the feedback of your patients using the app. This may involve completing a few short questionnaires about how you used the technology during the course of the project.
  • You agree to collect and provide any questionnaires, results and feedback collected from patients using the equipment to support the projects objectives.
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